Faith No More, April 15th 2015, PNE Forum, Vancouver BC
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Hello online world how have you all been? It seems I have been away from you all for some time, at least in blog form.

That’s not to say that concerts haven’t been attended by myself in that time. It is also certainly not the case that the shows I did attend didn’t warrant a review themselves. On the contrary, I attended quite a few stellar concerts over the course of the last few months. However for a variety of reasons that I will not get into here reviews were not an option unfortunately.

Mötley Crüe’s farewell tour stop in Vancouver, John Fogerty in Abbotsford, The Tragically Hip in Vancouver celebrating the 20th anniversary of Fully Completely, Bob Seger, the list goes on & on. All very great shows.

There was also the Electric Six show on St Paddy’s Day at the Imperial in Vancouver. An incredibly gifted & entertaining live act coupled with a truly great little venue. If you get a chance to check out either I would highly recommend you do so.
Now back to the reason this post exists at all.

The mighty Faith No More.

Having broken up in 1998 and only playing a select few shows from 2009-2014, the news of their return to the scene was music to the ears of Faith’s faithful, so to speak. The simple prospect of being able to catch this incredible act live again was exciting enough, never mind a forthcoming album of all new material.
The very first post I put up on this blog was from a show at Hyde Park in London, England last year that included Faith No More supporting the legendary Black Sabbath. I was extremely fortunate then to bear witness to the debut of 2 brand new FNM songs that day, “Motherfucker” and “Superhero”.
Tonight, on my home turf no less, I would once again be lucky enough to see 3 brand new songs debuted to the world.
Now I would be amiss here were I not to mention the opening act of the night. Through poor planning & time management on my part I was only able to catch the last couple songs.
It felt like way too much and not enough all at the same time.
At the time of writing, 2 days after the fact, I am still trying to process exactly what the fuck I actually was witness to that night.
The act was called Christeene. From what I gathered it consisted of a drag queen in not much more than a tiny thong flanked on either side by a near naked man. The queen sang as the 3 of them danced around the stage performing near pornographic acts on their own or on each other. If there were instruments up there being played I sure as hell didn’t notice them. It was far and away one of the oddest things that, up to this point in my life, I have ever seen.
Now that says a lot.
I have since been told he not only arrived on stage with helium balloons attached to an inserted butt plug, but also that his “manhood” was clearly visible at multiple times during the show between dancing and the eating of the asses of his dancers.
Seriously. This all happened.
Moving on….
The stage was now set for the alt metal masters to take the bursting PNE Forum on a journey that would span their entire career. Much in the same way they had set up the Hyde Park stage last July the predominant theme was all white with vases of flowers set about, only tonight the boys appeared similarly clad in white as opposed to the black vicar outfits they donned in the UK. Upon completion of the 1st song of the night, the lead off single Motherfucker, frontman Patton offered a succinct “Hello Canucks” before taking an immediate 13 year step backwards in time and jumped straight into Land of Sunshine from the 1992 effort Angel Dust. One thing that was made abundantly clear throughout the night was that it did not matter from what era Patton was singing, his amazing voice is every bit as powerful as it has ever been.
Not everything stays the same over time however. The most notable difference between now and ’98 when FNM broke up? Camera phones.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with taking the odd picture here and there. They can be nice reminders of a good night, especially if you’ve delved into the liquor and the ol memory doesn’t quite function as well as it should the morning after. However the people that insist on recording the entire show like they’re some sort of fucking videographers are beyond annoying. They’re at every show these days. If you’ve gone to a concert in the last decade you’ve seen them. Here’s the thing, not only is the footage you’re recording going to be of poor quality visually, but the sound you record is going to be fucking atrocious. Snap a couple pics, then put the phone back in your pocket and enjoy the show. Enjoy the MOMENT. Unfuckingplug yourself just for an hour or so, it’s not going to kill you to not have it in your hand. Seriously. You paid money to be there, why waste it?
Patton took notice too. During the song Evidence whose first verse involves the line “Got to wash away the taste of evidence. Wash it away”, Patton told the crowd “Wash away your motherfuckin phones man.”
That was followed shortly thereafter by “Are the Canucks winning?”
The Canucks had just lost. Well played Patton.
Patton is never one to shy away from taking playful jabs at the audience, at one point asking for an espresso machine. “Somebody must have an espresso machine here.” This I can only imagine being a shot at the yuppie contingent Vancouver has become known to contain. I giggled.
The setlist was well drawn out in my opinion. With the catalog of songs they have to choose from the set could have easily been twice as long and you would still miss some of the greats they’ve recorded. Weighing most heavily with tracks from King For A Day…Fool For A Lifetime, a personal favorite of mine, songs were taken from almost every album they have put out. Including the song We Care A Lot which dates back to before Patton even joined the band. “Was that weird for you?” he coyly asked the crowd at the end of it.
They also gave us 5 from the upcoming brand new album Sol Invictus, 3 of which were being played live for the 1st time ever. Sunny Side Up was the 1st and came about mid set.
Upon returning to the stage for the encore, keyboardist Roddy Bottum informed the crowd that they were going to be playing the title track from the new record for the 1st time ever. To this Mike Patton chimed in “That’s code for we’re going to fuck it up.”
The final song of the night came as a surprise 2nd encore when the boys returned to try a little “hippie jam” which turned out to be the final track from the new record, From The Dead, also a live debut.
The San Fransico quintet was as tight as ever all night. We are lucky to have them back after all these years.
If the night was to be any indication of what is to come we are surely in for a treat. Every new track played easily holds up to anything they have done in the past and the crowd loudly voiced their approval at the end of all each of them. Without question I will be one of the 1st to purchase Sol Invictus the moment it goes on sale.
Come on May 19th…..
Full setlist here:

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