Kickin things off….
by on July 1, 2014 5:01 PM in Introduction

 It has been brought to my attention on multiple occasions now that, due to both my musical obsession and constant concert attendance, I should start a blog and begin writing about these things. Truthfully, this is an idea that never really appealed to me at all so I would continually brush it off every time the subject was broached. 

 And yet, here we are…
 On the cusp of what is sure to be an epic July for myself I figured; “What the hell, I’ll give this a shot for a little bit at least and see how it goes.” 
 Worse comes to worst I delete it and forget it. No harm, no foul. 
 But I do love music more than the average cat so who knows, this may end up working after all. I like listening to music, playing music, producing music, talking about music, pretty much anything to do with music interests me so yeah, let’s shoot the shit about some music people! 
 I’m more than happy to discuss all kinds of music subjects with anyone and everyone. What I’m NOT into is getting into pointless arguments about trivial bullshit, especially with all those lovely little internet trolls that seem to be so prevalent these days.
 So please, by all means, feel free to discuss any and all musical matters I touch on here to your heart’s content. Just try to use a little tact and keep in mind that music is a completely subjective matter, not everyone is always going to agree with everyone. What I like, you may not. What you like, the next person may not, and so on and so forth. But that’s the beautiful thing about music: there’s almost always an audience for all of it somewhere.
 So having rambled all that out of the way, this is what I have in store for you all so far over the next couple months:
 -1st stop: Hyde Park, London England, July 4th. This beauty fires up right downtown in the heart of London and features Wolfmother, Soulfly, Motorhead, Faith No More, and Soundgarden before be headlined by the mighty Black Sabbath. With Tony Iommi’s health in question, there have been rumors abound that this very well could be their last show. Let’e hope it’s not.
 -2nd stop: Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth, UK, July 5th & 6th. Having missed the opening night due to the Sabbath show in London, I will join the party for the last 2 days of the festival that includes Bruce Dickenson dog-fighting in his own Fokker Dr1 Triplane against pilots in other WW1 replica war planes overhead of the festival on Saturday to commemorate the 100th anniversary of The Great War. All before he rips up the main stage with Maiden that night a the headliners. Read about it here:
Top that off with Metallica headlining Sunday night and I’d say that’s a solid 2 days. Full show poster here:
 -3rd stop: Pemberton Festival, Pemebrton, BC, July 18th-20th. With the inaugural festival having taken place way back in July 2008 and nothing since, the mighty Pemberton Festival finally returns in what is slated to now be an annual event. The 1st one was one of the best festivals I have ever attended, that is actually where the background image on this site was captured. Once its return was confirmed after a 6 year hiatus I made a point of making sure that I would once again be in attendance. As excited for this monster as any other. Check it:
 -4th stop: NIN & Soundgarden, Molson Ampitheatre, Toronto, July 27th. These 2 incredible acts are touring together in support of the 20th anniversary of a couple seminal albums that they released back in the 90s. I bought these tickets before the Pemberton Festival lineup was announced because at that time they were coming nowhere near Vancouver and I wasn’t willing to miss this. I’m not complaining mind you. Just sayin. 
 -5th stop: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Roger’s Arena, Vancouver, August 14th. One of the best there is returns to Vancouver in support of is latest effort, Hypnotic Eye, which is set to drop July 29th. Having got my 1st Petty experience at the 1st Pemberton Fest in ’08, I will go out of my way to see this man every chance I get. Phenomenal artist and performer.
 Well there you have it. As it stands at the moment, that is my musical itinerary for the next couple months. There may be additions made to this list. but there will be no attenuation. I will provide reviews and pictures where possible to the best of my ability. These reviews will rarely, if ever, be live on the spot, but constructed after the fact from memory as I prefer to enjoy these events with my fullest attention as opposed to having my face buried in my phone. If the chance presents itself I will also be happy to bring you interviews from various artists. 
 I hope you enjoy reading and talking about these events as much as I enjoy attending them. 
 My name is Nolan. Welcome to my blog. 

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  1. Steve MacInnis says:

    Great idea Nolan!! I can’t wait to read about your trip!

  2. Bob Sadgrove says:

    Enjoy the UK, will be looking forward to hearing back from you, cheers.

  3. Llyle Gladu says:

    Site looks great. Good to see you enjoying your music

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